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This Marvelous World

Слова: Юрий Груздев
Музыка: Дмитрий Краснов
Исполнитель: Дмитрий Краснов

Seeing this marvellous world
From high above where the mountain stands,
Deep in the sky these figures of clouds're
Floating against the slow motion of Earth,
Where the last bird has flown,
Where the last flower's grown.

The blood in my veins is fresh and alive,
I fell the vibration and breath of the air.
Thru all these living years
I've heard the crying - the planet is dying.

It's true - life is just chance.
When our forefathers
Right under their feet
First felt the grass.
Wanna be there
When the last wind has blown.

The memories're laid on the shelf.
Lost in the past of the flowering lands.
These broken ships're needing a sea.
The memories're saved but with no one to share.

This should be our home.
Dying is cursed
Because of people's greed.
There's never a purse.
Wanna fly there
Where the last river's flown.