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My Way

Слова: Юрий Груздев
Музыка: Дмитрий Краснов
Исполнитель: Дмитрий Краснов

Born into this world -
Where's my way to go?
Should I head for my goal
Along a one-way road?
Or maybe should I stop for a better turn,
An easier turn,
A saving turn?
I don't care because.

Need to live my life
The only way I choose
Or to commit suicide -
Can't stand this dayly cruise.

So now it's likely I'll sail on
An open course-
My only course.

So now I won't miss m'groove again.
I lost it once and I missed my chance.
My chance to be just
Where I'm supposed to be free,
I am supposed to be,
My secret dream comes true.

Ain't gonna turn back ever again.
It's my time and I won't miss the chance,
My chance to get there
Where I'm supposed to go free,
Where I'm supposed to be,
Where I'm supposed to dream free.
Well, it's the way I gotta be!