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Heed The Hero

Слова: Дилан Тейбер
Музыка: Дмитрий Краснов
Исполнитель: Дмитрий Краснов

Well, hell-a-now, heed the hero
With his seeds of love and prosperous plow.
You will see his likeness.
In the face of a stranger - his deeds anyhow.
When you wake up in your world,
And you can't help but cry for the things you done,
You best beware the hero
With his golden gun.

Well I will take the high way
'Cause I don't need to sail
With no ship of fools.
Dark Harley Riders
With blond blue-eyed babes -
No, they ain't so bad.
Well, hell, they got it made.
Ya, we got it made
We got it made.