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Sail at the sunset A pot

   Severobaikalsk has ample enough possibilities to become a center for tourist activities of the region:

  • convenient transport communication and a good place on the high shore of Lake Baikal;
  • absence of industrial projects;
  • low population of the region;
  • multitude of nature attractions, unique combination of which could have been created only by Nature itself;
  • hot springs, mountain tops with glaciers, waterfalls, sand dunes and beaches, warm lagoons, endemics of flora and fauna.

Yeah, the summer here is short, but it's worth being here!

Sandy beach at Chirkovsky bay   You can stay in a comfortable hotel within the city limits and spend your days on the city beach (20 minutes walk from downtown area) or on any other around the city. If the weather turns bad - gets dull or rainy, then take an option to visit the hot springs - Dzelinda, Goudzhekit, Khakusy, Kotelnikovsky. Still, we would really like to give you a good piece of advice, if you are here it's not worth it spending lazy days around, just get this idea of leaving home comfort behind. Only then you will feel what Baikal is. 5-star hotel haven't found their ways here, neither have luxurious night bars or casinos. People arrive here to get some different impressions and many of them leave the place not disappointed at all.

"Still, Nature as the Unified Creator has its favorites, with which it works more thoroughly, polishes them with special creativity and gives them special powers. One of them is Baikal. It's not for nothing they call it the "Gem of Siberia".
V. Rasputin. Writer

Some short information about the most popular places of the coast:



   Kotelnikovsky Cape hot springs are situated 70 km from the city, western coast of the lake, multiple outlets of hot mineral water, (one can dig a bathtub in any place of the pebble and shingle beach which will get filled with hot water pretty soon). Part of its territory is a resort area with cottages, inside and outside pools.
   There's a trail leading towards the Chersky Peak - the highest mountain of the Baikalsky mountain range. (2588 meters). The trail runs along the Kurkula river to the mountainous lake Guitar, picturesque valleys and waterfalls, the little glacier. The Kurkula river runs in the bottom of a very beautiful narrow canyon at the place it flows in Lake baikal.
   Every summer Kotelnikovsky is a very touristry place, all the groups and individuals who travel in the Chersky Peak area start and finish their tours here. It's more convenient to get there by motorboat or a sailing boat from Severobaikalsk.

   Baikalskoye village is 40 km away from the city. It can be reached by a fairly good asphalted road. The village is an old fishermen's settling, located on a high shore of lake Baikal. The massive Ludar Cape hides the place if looking at it from the lake water. The cape used to be a campsite of an ancient man.

Baikalskoye Village
Boguchan Isle

   The Boguchan Isle is the most northern place of Baikal area where crystal type bedrock can be seen. It's also a favorite place of locals for going fishing.

   Slyudyanka (mica) Lakes are 23 km away from the town, here there is a wonderful sand beach, warm water, pine tree forest, which makes them into a favorite place for local holiday makers. One can go up a mountain to have a look at the abandoned mica mines. At the campsite between the Bigger and the Smaller lakes there's a camping of Severobaikalsk ecotourism school, which can accommodate 20 people.

Slyudyanka (mica) Lakes

   Goudzhekit hot springs are located 30 km to the west from the town. One can get there by train (40 min.) or by car/bus (30 min.). The two-floor building has rooms to stay, cloakrooms, 2 pools with healing water, a bar. There's a comfortable hotel some 100 m. from the hot springs.

   Downhill skiing lane is not far from the Goudzhekit hot springs, 28 km. away from the town. The length of the lane is around 600 m. The altitude overfall is 154 m. There's a hoop lift. One can rent skis at the ski lane area.

At the ski lift

   Dzelinda hot springs are located 92 km. to the east from Severobaikalsk. They have train and automobile connection with the town. Here a tourist can find pools with hot water, a bar, a small hotel, sauna. Not far from the location they are building a resort area for railroad employees for 50 visits a day.

   The Upper Angara is one of the biggest river flowing in the lake. Quiet current, beautiful beaches, multitude of fish make it into an ideal place for novice rafters.

the Upper Angara

   Yarki Isle is a long narrow islan separating the mouths of the Upper Angara and the Kichera rivers. It is washed by lake Baikal from the South and by the waters of the two rivers from the North. The water temperature in summer can reach 24 C over zero, which is warmer than the water of Chivyrkui Bay (one of the warmest places of the lake). The northern part is covered by stone pine thickets. It's the ideal place for fishing.

   Frolikha Lake is located high in the mountains of the eastern shore of Baikal. Similar names bear a river and a bay. Beautywise and by popularity it has no rivals not only in Lake Baikal area. It's a restricted for hunting and mass tourism area. The lake is a result of a glacier thawing , its square is 16,5 sq.km. The endemic red fish - davatchan - is included into The Red Book. The easiest way to reach the lake is 8 km. trail starting from the Ayaya bay. In some places it's pretty wet to walk.

Bird view on Lake Frolikha
Hunter's hut near Ayaya bay

   The Ayaya bay is located at the eastern part of the lake. It's the most well protected bay from harsh Baikal winds, a very good place for all the vessels caught by the storm in the sea to hide away. Nice place for fishing, a beautiful sand beach, emerald green warm water.

   Khakusy is a name for a bay, hot springs and a resort. The hot springs are located in a picturesque miniature valley 1 km. away from the shore. "Akushi" means hot from the Evenk language. The water temperature at the outlet is 47 C over. The cottages of the resort which belongs to the Nizhneangarsk medical service are spread around the valley.


   Turali is a "singing" sand dune 6 km from the Khakusy. The local legends mention the whistling and crunching sounds the sand was making before the rise of water level made it silent.

   Davshe is the center of Barguzin Nature Reserve, the first of the kind in Russia, which was created to protect and preserve the population of the famous Barguzin sable. In summer of 1999 the Reserve Administration transferred to Nizhneangarsk. "Davshaar" means "open space" from the Evenk. The Reserve possesses hot springs and The Museum of Nature, where they collected some unique exhibits of local flora and fauna.

Ushkaniy Isles

   The Ushkaniy Isles is the archipelago of four small islands, which are the tops of underwater Academic mountain range. The legend says that the first Russian settlers called Baikal seal - sea hare, that's why the isles had an original name - Hare Isles, afterwards the Siberians called them Ushkaniy, as the local dialect has a different name for a hare - "ushkan". The archipelago is a seal-rookery of the only freshwater seal endemic to Lake Baikal. The Isles are a part of Trans-Baikal Nature Park.

Sailing boat   The best time to take water routes is July and August. One can rent a motorboat in case one is short of time or prefers speed. Tourists usually spend nights in tents on the lake shore. Sailing boat can be seen not only as a transportation means but a place to have good rest, totally independent from all the hassle and comfortable enough. In case you are experienced enough to try catamaran or a kayak then you will have several adventurous days on the Lake.

   We strongly recommend not to try to cover all these places in a few short days, it's just impossible. It would be wiser to make it in several trips (we even know some foreign people who visited the place 5 - 12 times) or just choose the most attractive place from the mentioned above. Please take into consideration the bad character of Grandfather Baikal who can spoil your plans with a sudden storm or fog or other bad weather thing.

 "Nothing can be compared with Baikal.
It originally personifies such things as
Peace, Grandeur, Purity, Beauty on a
planetary level. I feel pity to those people
who will live their lives never seen Baikal."


At Solnechny hot springs   But summer doesn't limit the attraction advantages of the region. Starting from February up to Mid-April, when the lake is covered by a meter thick ice and the frosts do not bite too strongly, it is the best time for skiers, winter ice fishing, downhill skiing. One can reach any place of the region over the ice of Lake Baikal by car or a truck and this makes it more exciting.

   The ice road Severobaikalsk - Ust'-Barguzin becomes a highway in winter. From Ust'-Barguzin it's easy to drive to Ulan-Ude or Irkutsk.

If you have some questions about the tours feel free to contact Ms. Natasha Rasputina. Preference of languages - Russian, French, English.

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