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   We have gained a lot of friends, who come to our area to wander around, and who write their stories after that. We really appreciate the fact that they send us their essays and hope there are more stories to come. Please send us whatever impressions you have encountered in North Baikal area. We will be only happy to put them as our site materials.

At the moment we would like to offer you the following materials:

Stones International Paddlers' Expedition to Lake Baikal.
Автор -
Зимовье Surviving in Siberia. A story of an English lady, who traveled in Siberian taiga forest close to Kumora village in winter.
Jane Weeks, December, 2002.
Downhill skiing lane "Downhill skiing in Severobaikalsk". We have finally reached that point, that the downhill skiing recreation, have somewhat developed in our area. How it all started, what are the current trends, and what we expect in the future.
Natalia Rasputina, May, 2002.
Frolikha Lake "A small tour of a great company to Frolikha Lake". It is a long expected walking and boating tour to the unique lake of Frolikha by Severobaikalsk female tourists and their kids, with some facts about fishing and sentimental digressions. They are rather emotional because some feelings are hard to express with common human words.
Natalia Rasputina, August, 2001.
Baikal Amazon "Baikal Amazon". A report of senior students of Severobaikalsk School of Tourism and Ecology over the Upper Angara river.
M. Moshkin, 2000.
The Muya Giant "The Muya Giant". It is a sports skiing tour of the highest degree of Severobaikalsk and Irkutsk athletes. There are lots of photos, adventures, avalanches, frosts, snow, and lyrical digressions by International Master of Sports S. Vorobyov. 2000.
Bird-2000 (Bird is the name of the peak) "Bird - 2000". A mountaineering unplanned tour to the Bird Peak, which took place instead of planned ascent to the Chersky peak. It was taken by a group of young Muscovites and an experienced Severobaikalsk guide. It is a short descriptive, though emotional report of the tour. The ascents to the two neighboring peaks are popular with many extreme tourists.
Alexey Belevsky, Natalia Rasputina. August, 2000.
Roman Chebunin "Gramna lakes". These are two short stories of a tour with photos.
Roman Chebunin, Summer, 1999.
Baikal wave "When Baikal starts blooming". It is a kayaking tour of the people from Irkutsk and Khabarovsk, and a number of Severobaikalsk kids. They made it from Shignanda Cape to the Yarki Isle with visiting a great number of sandy beaches of the eastern shore.
Sergey Vorobyov. 1999.
Yarki "Oh Yarki!" It is a story of a tour of people from Irkutsk and Severobaikalsk to the unique Isle of Yarki and the deltas of The Upper Angara and the Kichera rivers. Sorry, no photos.
Our permanent author Sergey Vorobyov. July, 1990.
The Kurkula river "Unforgettable Kurkula". The continuation of the above mentioned tour, but the place of destination is the place opposite to the one described there, which is the estuary of the Kurkula river. The river is famous for the most beautiful canyons among all of Lake Baikal rivers, as well as the trail leading to the highest Peak of the region - Chersky Peak.
Sergey Vorobyov. August, 1990.

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