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Stella The bird eye view of the city

   Severobaikalsk….A city in the North? Please, do not try to find it somewhere in the North, its geographical position is the South of Eastern Siberia, the latitude of Moscow. The name of the city originally means that the city is located at the very northern tip of the most beautiful lake on the Earth - Lake Baikal!

   The city is closely surrounded by the mountains of Baikalsky mountain ridge from three sides, from the fourth side it is washed by unique and of inimitable beauty Lake Baikal.

BAM construction   The population of the city is around 28,000 inhabitants. Time difference with Moscow is + 5 hours. The phone code of Severobaikalsk is ++ 7 30139. The address of the City Administration is 7, Leningradsky Ave., Severobaikalsk, 671701. The Mayor of the city is Mr. Vladimir Andreevich Bodrov. Phone number ++ 7 301 392 2319

    Severobaikalsk was founded in 1974 thanks to the construction of Baikal-Amur Mainline (railroad). At that time it was just a very small settling of the builders of the Buryat part of BAM. That was 510th kilometer of the new railroad and its name was "New Year Settlement". It represented a group of tents, small wooden huts and railroad cars put on the ground. There were a few heating stations and electricity was produced by mobile diesel power stations. In a few years it would grow into a large transportation unit with mighty construction complex and developed social infrastructure.

   In November 1980 Severobaikalsk was given a status of the city under Republican supervision by the Act of the Supreme Council of the Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

Severobaikalsk in 1984

   Severobaikalsk is a big transportation center. The railroad connection with Irkutsk, Moscow, Kislovodsk, Krasnoyarsk, Tynda is provided by the Severobaikalsk Branch of the East-Siberian Railroad (BAM was split into two parts and doesn't exist any more). It takes 92 hours to reach Moscow, 31 hours to reach Irkutsk, 30 hours to reach Krasnoyarsk, 153 hours to reach Kislovodsk.

Train station   The unique railroad terminal reminds one of a white-snow sail on the unified blue of Baikal water and the sky, which are girdled by the green of the nearby mountains and forests. It was built under the design of Leningrad architects. The monument to Leningrad builders of the city is a remarkable spot on the square around the train station.

Harbor   Severobaikask sea port connects the sea with Irkutsk. One can travel by hydrofoil three times a week at navigation time (June-September) to Port Baikal not far from Irkutsk. It is 10 hours non-stop voyage.

   The nearby airport of Nizhneangarsk (25 km from Severobaikalsk) provides flights to Ulan-Ude (1 hour 20 minutes) and to Irkutsk (1 hour 30 minutes).

   The five-floor apartment buildings struck strangers' eyes due to their unusual configurations. It seems they have been collected from separate parts, the way bees build their honeycomb. There is never a straight line, but it is always broken, no balconies as well. That's how the special tremor proof series of buildings look like.

   Leningradsky Avenue makes the central part of the city starting from the train station and running through the downtown area, where all the administrative, cultural and shopping places are located.

Central square   Big industrial projects are missing in the city while Severobaikalsk Branch of the East-Siberian rairoad is the main place where lots of the residents work. BAM is gone and gone are the big construction and transportation companies. They had been exchanged by small-business companies dealing with trade, restaurant business, construction and mini factories of food industry.

   There are more than 400 companies in the city. The popular ones with the residents are "Trade Center", enterprises of such companies as "Tikhonov and Sons", "Vist", "Style", "Baikalsky Spring", "Service", "Sirin", "Dionelli", "Bakery", "City Market", "Merchant" and others. The city people readily buy the beer made in the local brewery "Roos" and soft drinks from "Sacred Baikal Ltd.," Severobaikalsk is the second, after Ulan-Ude, city in Buryatia by the volume of retail commodity turnover.


  • Hotel"Baikal Service" is a private hotel complex, located in a wooded area in the outskirts of the city. They provide accommodation in cottages or rooms for 2-3 persons with all modern conveniences, a sauna with a pool, a bar.
  • "Baikal-Nord" - the hotel complex of Severobaikalsk Department of East-Siberian railroad. There are four cottages overlooking Lake Baikal. There is a kitchen, a sitting room, three doubles in each of them.
  • "Podlemorye" is a resort of Severobaikalsk Department of East-Siberian Railroad. The building is located to the right of the train station. They provide double rooms with conveniences, a sauna, a swimming pool, a gym. The priority is given to the railroad workers who receive medical treatment at the resort.
  • The De Luxe Hotel of Severobaikalsk Department of East-Siberian Railroad (the nickname of the hotel is Santa-Barbara) is located in the residential area called Kutuzovka. They provide two de luxe suites, a billiards room, a gym, and a sauna.
  • "Baikal Resort" is a private hotel located on the lake shore, five doubles with conveniences, a sauna, breakfast included in the price.
  • The yacht club's "White Sail" moorage. Summer cottages for 2-3 persons without modern conveniences. Two double rooms with conveniences.

Bars and restaurants

  • "Tihonov and Sons" is a bar located in the building of the Cultural Center with a view on the central square of the city. Three eating areas for 24, 8 and 4 persons. Russian and Siberian cuisine. Chef's specialties include taymen baked in dough, omul baked with prunes. Phone No.: 22516.
  • "Nostalgia" Cafe is located in 5 minute walk from the central square, eating area for 40 persons, Russian and Siberian cuisine. Phone No.: 23292.
  • The eatery at 5, Leningradsky Ave., Siberian cuisine.
  • "Roos" is a mini brewery restaurant located at 28, 60 let SSSR Ave., eating area for 25 persons, beer brewed on the premises, Russian and Middle Asian cuisine. Phone No.: 23914
  • "Ayana" is the cafe located at the central square of the city at 6, Leningradsky Ave., the eating area is for 40 persons. Buryat and Russian cuisine.
  • "Nadezhda" is a cafe located in the building of the Cultural Center, eating area for 16 persons.
  • "Karina" is a night bar located in the back of the Cultural Center.
  • Bar "Tiya" located at 6, Leningradsky Ave., Post Office building, 16 seats.
'Roos' mini brewery restaurant


  • "BAM history museum" and the city picture gallery are located at the crossing of Druzhba and Mira streets. Phone No.: 21663
  • The Exhibition Hall of the Cultural Center. Here one can watch and buy the works of local artists and souvenirs of the area.

Wood carvings   There is quite a number of masters of decorative and local authentic arts, whose items are very popular both with the locals and guests, who visit North Baikal area.

   The center for social and cultural life of the city is the Palace of Culture "Zheleznodorozhnik" which has two auditoriums, conservatory with tropical plants, bars, restaurants and exhibition hall. From the very foundation of the city there works The School of Arts for children. Its students have been prizewinners of different Russia's and international contests. The Folk Ensemble "Zhemchuzhina Baikala" (The Gem of Baikal), rock group "Pulsar", ballroom dance group, children's ensemble of folk dance "Baikal Souvenir" are widely known not only in the region, but far beyond its borders.

Cultural Center   The local television channel TV-10 began its work in 1988. On the 8th of March, 1993 the first show of Severobaikalsk television was aired. Since the year 2000 Severobaikalsk television has become a full-range television channel and was included into TNT television net. The net provides time for regional shows.

   They air 10 shows, the most popular of which are "Far away from Moscow", "Weekly Chronicles", "MoST" run by the youth staff, "The home near Baikal", programs about the work of judicial organizations of the city, environmental issues and the criminal situation in the city.

   There are 5 high schools, 2 gymnasias, interschool job training center, nine kindergartens, the branches of Irkutsk University of Railroad Transport, Russian University of Peoples' Friendship (Moscow), Slavonic University (Moscow), Moscow Academy of Service, Siberian College of Construction and Business (Irkutsk), Bratsk Technological University, Tomsk University of Management, vocational school No. 19 and other institutions. There are more than 6,000 students in Severobaikalsk.

   There are optional education institutions in the city as well. Among them are Children's and Juniors' Sports School, The School of Ecology and Tourism, municipal Center of Buryat Culture "Bayar", The House of Children's Creative Works.

The swimming pool   Severobaikalsk is a big sports center in the North of Buryatia. There are 7 gyms, four of them provide specialized training in boxing, sambo, martial arts and calisthenics (rythmic gymnastics). Very popular places for taking sports are swimming-pools, yacht-club "White Sail" (for children), boxing club "Nord Ring", clubs "Spartanets", "Triada", "Neva",body-building club "Alliance".

Kayaking   The people of Severobaikalsk know how to spend their free time very well, as the nature lavishly provided this place with wondrous combinations for recreation, such as mountains and lakes, snow and hot springs, not to mention Lake Baikal itself. In summer the city becomes deserted as the population moves out to the shore of Lakes Baikal and Slyudyanskie (Mica). The affluent ones travel by yachts and big sailboats further away, but the majority spends the time on the numerous sand beaches. Fishing occupies a very special place in the life of the most men of the city, they suffer this "illness" almost all year round.

   When winter comes and it lasts for about 6 months, the hot springs around the city become the real places of pilgrimage, as they combine hot water and snow. Some people go down-hill skiing and after that they bathe in hot springs.

Downhill skiers The girls at Dzelinda hot springs

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