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Nizhneangarsk airport

   The regional center is the settlement Nizheangarsk, which is located at the very Northern tip of Lake Baikal, in the delta of the rivers Kichera and Upper Angara. The population of the region is 19,400 people (without the city of Severobaikalsk) and the territory of the region is 53,990.65 km2.
   The distance between Ulan-Ude and Nizhneangarsk is 1,025 km.
   The region was founded on 10 September 1925.
   There are four settlements, six village councils and eight villages.
   The administration of the region is located at 21, Lenin Street, settlement Nizhneangarsk, the Republic of Buryatia, 671710, phone: +7 (30130) 51 448.
   The head of the administration of the region is Mr. Andrey A. Safronov

Seine   In 1643 the Russian explorer Semen Skorokhod founded the first settling, and in 1646 Vasily Kolesnik built the Verkhneangarsk fort, which as time passed people began to call Nizhneangarsk. In Chichevky, a former settlement at the delta of the Kichera, from which the present settlement has developed, big sable fur markets were held. In the 30s the settlement carried the name of Kozlovo after the first chairman of the regional council, who died by the hands of the White Guards.

   In 1930 the first state company was founded "Goslov", which at present is a fishery. In 1940 a regional co-operative trade company was founded and in 1952 a fur hunting co-operative POKh, which specialized in musk-rat furs. From 1955 the prospecting of natural mineral resources in the region began by the first geologist party, which by the passing of time has become an expedition (at present "Baikalgeo"). We will list only the biggest national resource areas discovered: Kholodenskoye (half-metals - lead, zinc), Chulbonskoye (quarts), Synnyrskoye (raw materials for aluminum production), Nikolayevsky, Aleksandrovsky gold fields. The Verkhneangarsky fort was founded at the site of Dagary.

Forest in winter   The construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline has changed the quiet life of the region, as the new highway connecting BAM settlements was built, a new airport was constructed, the hydrofoil "Kometa" started to transport passengers from the port of Baikal (near Irkutsk) to Severobaikalsk, new residential areas have appeared in the city, the resort "Khakusy", located at the site of the hot springs of the same name, has been reconstructed, and new mini-factories to produce food products have been opened.

Local holidays:

  Sagaalgan or the White Month Feast is a holiday when Buddhists celebrate the New Year by the Lunar Calendar. It is one of the major holidays of the republic of Buryatia. They think that the New Year starts at the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The seeing the New Year in never starts at midnight, but in the morning of the first day of the new year. Buryats believe that the White Food (that is dairy products) is a must for the celebration as they symbolize well-being. They burn old clothes on campfires during the celebration, and this means that the sins of the past year would burn together with them. Every year Sagaalgan is celebrated on different dates, e.g. the Sagaalgan of the year 2000 was on February, 5, and the Sagaalgan of the year 2002 was on February, 13.

   Soorharban - which literally means "shooting at the soor" (leather target), is celebrated during the first week of July. That's the time when the sowing season is over, the haying hasn't started yet and the people are free from any kind of agricultural labor. The festivities include folk dance and singing, performed by folklore groups, and sports competitions.

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