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Here is the updated information about Severobaikalsk region of Buryatiya!

the Ushkaniye Isles

   After having lived here for quite a number of years you will get a clear idea of how grand Baikal is (even compared with the size of Siberia itself). The distance between its northern and southern tips equals to the distance between Moscow and St. Petersburg. That's also true for the reason that the two Russian capitals are as different from one another as South Baikal with the capital in Irkutsk is different from North Baikal with its capital in Severobaikalsk. Severobaikalsk is not even thirty years old yet and only a few years ago it became accessible to the rest of the world. Baikal has always been touristy around the Irkutsk end, but it is only beginning to gain its popularity at our end, the northern one.

   The western part of the Lake Baikal area (together with the Olkhon Island) belongs to the Irkutsk region, whereas its eastern part together with the area around its northern part is incorporated into the territory of The Republic of Buryatia. Elokhin Cape forms the western border and the Snezhnaya river the southern between the two regions in this area.

   We do hope that you will find it interesting to explore new fascinating spots around our grand and famous Siberian Sea and will fall in love with it in the same way we love it.

So, read this and have a look at the Northern Baikal area, where:

  • the water is so pure that you can drink it straight from Lake Baikal and you can go swimming, as the water temperature near the Yarki Island gets as warm as 24oС in the summer time;
  • there are wild, uninhabited shores and untouched nature;
  • there is a multitude of hot mineral springs;
  • you can go sailing, downhill skiing, hunting, fishing, lying on the beach and get a suntan, as well as care for your health;
  • you can take a train along the Baikal-Amur Mainline and watch its unique tunnels;
  • you will find Severobaikalsk as the only city located on the shores of Lake Baikal with a convenient public transportation system;
  • you will meet friendly, open-hearted and kind Siberians.

Sincerely yours,
Mr. Yuri Terentyev
Ms. Natalia Rasputina - see

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