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BAM construction Tracklayers

   From the banks of the Lena River to the Amur River, skirting around the North Baikal, through the rocks, taiga forest steeps and bogs, the railroad came to the hard to access and thinly populated areas. From all the 3145 km of the railroad there was no more difficult part of the construction than the Buryat section of it. It is often called the "barrier" or "key" section. It is the "barrier" one, because lengthwise it is only 1/6 of the railroad, but expenses wise it got 1/3 of all the expenditures. It is the "key" section, because the main tunnels, or the "keys to BAM" were all constructed on Buryatiya territory, 7 km long Baikal and 15 km long Severomuisky tunnels among them. This section is also often called Leningradskiy as the builders of LeningradBAMStroy Construction Company erected a new city Severobaikalsk on the shore of Lake Baikal, on its very northern tip. The design of the city was made by Leningrad architects. Leningrad builders under the designs of Leningrad engineers built the bridges and tunnels of the Buryat section. Then, Leningrad regional committee of Komsomol sent more than two thousand of young people here.

The border with Irkutsk region

   The first train arrived at the mountain pass Daban in Buryatiya in October 1978. A memorial sign, symbolizing the passing of the construction from Irkutsk region builders to Buryat builders, was erected there. One year later, the first train's hooting sounded at the northern shore of one of the most beautiful and wondrous lakes of the planet.

English version of BAM article. Translated by Andrew Bobylo, Foreign Relations Department Far Eastern Technical University

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