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The river in spring A tree on the rock

Baikal in spring

Baikal in early spring   The area sees the first spring flowers in late April, early May, when the ground is still cold. These flowers are Siberian shaggy snowdrops, whose fluffy bell shaped buds are of lemon yellow, purple, and even of navy blue color.

   The snow maintains on the high rocky peaks for a long time. It starts thawing, but it takes quite a lot of time for it to melt. The trees that looked like small strokes on the mountain slopes, are getting back to life, and start to possess warm brownish-purple colors. The woods seem violet from the far, in the thickets it is even of light-blue color. The sunlight makes the birch tree bark shine like burning one's eyes. This effect makes it possible to see the birches from far distances, as if they were close to you.

   There's nothing to compare with this sunlight, this heady wine freshness of the renovated world, roaring by the rivers, full of thawed ice water, modulating with yells, groans, clatters, warbling of the birds who celebrate their coming back.

Mountains on the opposite shore   Baikal is now stridently blue, he had enough sleep, the spring warmth washed him, the sun caressed him. He is quiet, serene, and young. Probably that was the reason why, when someone saw him being like that, called him "the blue eye of Siberia".

   Here we see the green poring on the mountain slopes, the bright orange flame flowers make the scenery really beautiful. The white can be seen only on a few very high peaks, dominating over the area, where there are glaciers and snow, which never melts.

   Spring is over, coming down with the shallowness of rivers and creeks, disappearing in the warm taiga forest heat haze, going away with the first summer flowers, covering the ground with the new fresh green grass. Now it seems that the long and severe winter has never existed.

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